Developing the next generation of british NAVAL and military officers

who we are

"Inspiringly, he has taken it upon himself to mentor the Operational Conversion Unit students, affording them both aviation tutelage and moral support. This latent leadership quality and ability to set a good example is a superb strength and extends to his relationship with the maintainers - this will serve him well in future.” – Cdr Vee Dale-Smith RN (Former Commanding Officer)

MILPREP is run by a former Sea King pilot and Area Career Liaison Officer with the Royal Navy.  His wealth of experience within the recruiting field, as well as his background in leadership and sports coaching helps develop and prepare officer candidates for their respective selection boards.  Alistair draws upon professional colleagues from the RAF and Army to offer bespoke coaching to any service candidate.

we believe in a unique and customized coaching experience for each and every client.

our approach

Every candidate is unique and will need their own personal development plan.  In an era of social mobility, the military still lacks diversity among the officer cadre.  MILPREP levels the playing field by offering a tailor made package to any individual, from any background.